ARTH212: History of Photography


This course aims to survey the history of photography as it develops within a number of specific thematics, from the advent of the medium in the late eighteenth century through to the present. Accordingly, it will look at photography as a cultural phenomenon as much as an art form.

The appeal of photography as an object of study is precisely that there is no aspect of modern life—from birth to death, from sex to war, from atoms to planets, from commerce to art—that is not entirely infiltrated and mediated by practices of photography of one kind or another. This is also the problem of photographic
history as a discipline: how do you develop a coherent and effective method of analysis for an entity that is so ubiquitous and various? How can you speak with equal intelligence about the photograph as a thing, and about what any particular photograph is of? How can you identify the meaning of such a photograph when that meaning is largely determined by its context, a context that is always shifting and is therefore itself hard to define?

This course aims to examine these questions through a close study of the history of photography. The course is a selective investigation, not a comprehensive or strictly chronological survey. Taken as a whole, the class will look at photography as a cultural phenomenon as much as an art form, critically studying the various discursive arenas which this medium has helped to foster and redefine over the past two centuries. To this end, you will be actively engaged in looking closely at photographs and reading debates related to them.

Geoffrey Batchen

Tuesday 9 July to Thursday 15 August and Tuesday 3 September to Thursday 10 October 2019

Tuesday and Thursday 12:00 - 12:50 PM

LT101, Lecture Theatre 101, Level 1, Murphy Building, VUW - Kelburn campus

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